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What is Kinesiology?
In its most basic explanation Kinesiology, or muscle response testing, works on muscle groups to identify organs and systems, which may not be functioning to optimum levels. Anything that causes stress to a person also causes weakness in their muscles. Once armed with the knowledge of exactly what is contributing to a person’s health issue the therapist then works at removing the imbalances and releasing neurological blockages, which can inhibit the body’s natural immune system from functioning effectively.
Kinesiology can assist in retraining the body to respond in a more positive way, encouraging better absorption of nutrients and an overall improvement of immune system function and general health.

Deborah Levey - Kinesiologist

Alison Parsons - Kinesiologist

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Steve Mursa - Chiropractor


What is Auriculotherapy and how can it help you?
Auriculotherapy is a gentle, non-invasive, micro-current stimulation of the external ear used to relieve conditions in other parts of the body. It is a powerful therapy that can both identify and treat specific body systems, parts or functions that are in disharmony.
Auriculotherapy is based on the entire body being mapped on the external ear. The body can be treated by stimulation of the structure of the ear due to the nerve connections between the ear and the brain.

Stimulation of the points identified under stress has a desired effect on the brain which subsequently effects the organ or region of the body associated with the point.

Auriculotherapy has been researched extensively and has been shown to be effective in many health conditions. Amongst many other conditions this technique is especially useful for all forms of stress, anxiety, depression, adrenal burnout, chronic and acute muscular aches and pains, migraines, insomnia, tinnitus, hormonal issues, addictions, poor concentration, etc.

Deborah Levey - Auriculotherapy