Family Chiropractic

Parents often seek chiropractic care for their children first and neglect themselves!

As chiropractors we encourage treatment for the entire family.  The newborn and mum often are treated together and the Dads need to be adjusted just to keep up with the kids! Lucy encourages the whole family to be treated in the family paediatric room where the children are entertained whilst the parents are receiving their care.

Chiropractic enhances vitality and wellness providing each family member with the best health to combat the day to day stressors and common infections.

If you would like to ask the chiropractors at Oasis about your family’s chiropractic care please contact us on 9986 0700.

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Oasis Health Chiropractor
- Lucy Scotts (Nankervis)
- Alison Parsons
- Clare Rashbrook
- Sara Winchester

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